Full Draw Creative would like to make this process as easy as possible for you, the customer. The most important thing to remember is that this is YOUR website, and you need it to appear and function to your liking. Feedback is key as changes are relatively easy once the basic website has been established. Please read this entire page to ensure your website is successful and created as quickly as possible.

To get your FREE estimate started, we need you to think about and consider a few options. Look at our Pricing page to get a general idea of the cost of your website. Have few website names picked out in the event your initial pick is not available or is too expensive. Think about what colors you would like to use. You can find a good tool for finding a color pallatte by clicking HERE. In addition to choosing your colors, we need to get an idea of the overall feel, or theme, your website will have. What words come to mind when you envision your website? Modern, Elegant, Loud, Bright, Classic; these are all terms we hear frequently to describe a websites appearance.

The last thing you need to decide is how many pages you want your website to include. Our Portfolio page has some good examples of websites that are single page and multi-page. An event website may only need a single page, while a business will most likely need several pages.

After you have decided on all or most of the above, feel free to contact us in any way you choose. You can email, text, or call me (Kevin) at any time. My email is kdeluna@live.com, and my cell phone number is (316)213-4403.  After the initial conversation we will need a day or two to research and get a final estimate together. This invoice is usually the exact dollar amount, and we will NEVER exceed the estimated price. We will need a $200 deposit before we get started, and we will send an invoice via PayPay once the website has been completed.

Things to consider before asking for an estimate:

  • Damain Name (www.yourwebsite.com)
  • Color Scheme
  • Website Appearance
  • Pages on your website
We encourage you to do your research also. Visit other websites and explore them to get an idea of what you might want on your website. Possibilities are endless, but please remember that we are offereing websites at a considerably cheaper price than most. Having a website generated proffessionally can easily exceed $3,000. If you have questions about our capabilities, do not hesitate to contact us and ask.

Once your website is completed, we will be happy to maintain your website with edits, uploads, minor changes to appearance and much more. Updates are usually made same day, and can be made just by sending a text, email, or phone call. Other options are available upon request.